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This G.C. Timberline Construction of Canton, MA is in the top 5 list of the worst General contractors. Why? They outright screw their subcontractors. Their concern for obtaining good quality subs is absolutely Zero! They take the bottom dollar bid, work you even lower and then they won't pay you!

If you are a subcontractor, Do yourself a favor, don't even consider working for them, you are better off having no work at all than taking on the stress of not getting paid.

Companies like this should be punished severely by state laws for delaying payments to subcontractors.

They Suck!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I would have to agree with other poster Steve. I have direct knowledge of your refusal to pay at least 3 subs.


My name is Steven Kelly and I am the President of Timberline Construction. I don't typically get involved in web postings but since this one is directed at our team and how we treat people, I take it personally and it warrants a response.

First and foremost, we pay every subcontractor who works for us every dollar they are owed. Any legitimate sub in MA understands the pay-when-paid clause, which simply means, when the owners pay us the GC, we in turn pay the subcontractors what they are owed. We have never not paid a subcontractor what they are rightfully owed. PERIOD.

In closing, I will just point out that I identify myself as a measure of my own character, willing to take any and all feedback, positive or negative, unlike the coward who hides behind his anonymous keyboard. You can contact me directly by going to our website. Thank you.


Does Timberline Construction do alot of work in New England, North Dakota?


Did you author this Top 5 List on a post-it? Does anyone else find humor in the fact that this seems to be a subcontractor claiming that the GC that hired them does not hire quality subcontractors…and therefore are labeling their own company as such?

Jokes aside…

Being in the industry myself and having worked on both the design and construction side, I think it is a relatable emotional post and I can understand the frustrations of “chasing payments” which we feel we need for the stability of our own businesses. This is often part of the service industry routine and particularly Real Estate Development. A General Contractor’s Client is typically the owner or owner representative; they are hired to manage the construction and coordinate contracts, permits, trade work schedules and quality, collect payment and disperse payments for the work performed. Beyond being aware of the recent economic circumstances, I assume if you are in the business of subcontracting you are familiar with the industry standard payment cycle and terms.

In loose summary, a subcontractor must submit a bill; the GC submits a bill to the owner and then waits to receive payment before accounts payable can disperse it. An owner’s pay process and funding route differs and therefore so will receipt job to job, banks and check processing also takes time. According to the contract an owner may take up to the deadline for payment but may submit sooner. If there are...

In my opinion as a business professional in the A/E/C industry for some years now, a General Contractor should be treated as the Client to a subcontractor and much as an Employer, just as sub may be the Client to a vendor. It does not seem professional to call out your Client and Employer online and does not demonstrate tact or concern for long-term relationships and reputation, but instead for quick short-term payments. Further as a subcontractor you are an extension of a GC’s team; it is not in the best interest of a team player to make such comments. It could discourage others from asking you to bid; I assume that is why you have chosen to keep your company anonymous. If you are confident in your work, claim and accusations and truly think this is a proactive way to reach a fair resolution you would own the statement. I assume you are aware but frustrations and financial pressures motivated the venting session. I would just caution that you keep in mind if you are not hired, there is no payment for you ever. I would think twice about the comment you made about it being better to not have any work.

...just my opinion, especially if you are a business leader yourself.

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